Real Estate Bill Notes:

1. Tax Year. Reflects bill for the calendar year.
2. Supplement #. Only applicable if billing is outside of the regular semi-annual billings. Supplement bills typically reflect improvements assessed over the time that it existed in a given year. For example, if an addition was completed in October, the tax would be calculated over three months only (October, November, and December).
3. Account Number. Identifier associated with the parcel.
4. Due Date: The due date for the taxes on this bill. Postmark dates on payments are honored. Personal/office postage meters are not honored. We recommend that you witness the postmark of payments made near the due date. Payments made through will be considered on time if they are made through midnight of the due date.
5. Real Estate Tax Year. Details the tax year and period taxed (generally first or second half).
6. Assessed Value. Land. Value assessed to the land only by the Hanover County Assessor.
7. Assessed Value. Buildings & Improvements. Value assessed to the buildings only by the Hanover County Assessor.
8. Total Value: The sum of the land and building assessments. This is the value that taxes will be based.
9. Amount Due. The amount due for the billing period based on the current tax rate (see item #13 for current tax rate). The billing period is normally a "1" or "2’ which notes the first or second half billing.
10. Total Annual Tax. The annual amount due for the property as assessed for the year. This amount does not include any improvements assessed throughout the tax year.
11. Property Description: Details of the property that include location, acreage, and district.
12. Tax Parcel ID: Also known as the G-PIN. The primary identifier for the property. Use this number when to identify your property with the Treasurer’s Office.
13. Tax Rate: The rate determined by Hanover County’s Board of Supervisors by which real estate is taxed. This rate is subject to change. Hanover's real estate tax rate for 2007 is .81 cents per $100 of assessed value. For example, a property with a total assessed value of $100,000 would be taxed $810, each half-payment would be $405.
14. Late Penalty after Due Date. Penalty due if payment is received after the noted due date. A 10% penalty is imposed on the total amount due after the due date.
15. Monthly Interest after Due Date. Amount of interest due for one month if payment is received after the due date. Interest in the amount of 10% per annum is assessed on any balance due (including penalty) after the due date. Additional interest accrues on the balance due on the first of every month.